Saturday, February 18, 2012

Psychic Answers-Suicide, Murder, Heaven or Hell? Good VS Evil?

I received a comment on a previous blog I had written (the most recent blog, last comment),from a lady who seems very lost and confused right now.  She is not alone, I get many similar calls and emails from others asking some of the very same questions and searching for answers.   I often receive questions regarding Suicide, Murder, Heaven & Hell.  These questions usually have to do with if Heaven and Hell really exist & what my beliefs are in relation to what happens to people who have sinned or committed suicide when they die. Do good people go to Heaven and bad people go to Hell? Are we forgiven for our sins, etc...

It is my understanding that there is not an actual Heaven or Hell on the other side.  At least, not the way many of us picture it or have been taught about it.  There are instead various levels or plains.  I guess one could say that the higher levels represent Heaven and the lower levels represent Hell- but that's not the way it is actually labeled.  The entire system is based on only one thing- Karma!  That's right... it's not as exciting or complex as you might think.  We all get back what we put out in life- good or bad, in this life or the next- We are rewarded for the good and held accountable for the bad. 

We all have a plan before we are ever born.  This is like a blueprint of what our life is supposed to be like, the challenges we should face, the people we will lose, and even when we are supposed to die- down to the day and minute- it's all planned before we are ever born. These lessons help us to achieve the ultimate goal: to live a selfless life full of  love and compassion for others. 

The other side, regardless of the level a spirit is on, is a beautiful magical place.  It's very similar to what we are taught to expect Heaven to look and feel like.  When we die, we go to a certain level in "Heaven".  Our levels are determined by our life and how we live it (please keep in mind that there are many other details and circumstances being omitted here,  I'm just trying to explain this without writing an entire book on a blog). 

When you get over there and go to your assigned level, based on your life here in the physical world, you begin going through training and counseling of sorts to learn what you didn't learn while here and to prepare you for your next life.  Most spirits are over there for hundreds of years on their current level before returning to this world.

Now let's discuss suicide.  When you commit suicide, you end your life earlier than you had previously agreed.   This means that all future lessons will be missed and past ones were not mastered. This goes against your "blue print".  As a result,  there are consequences. You will have to go through some very short counseling on the lower levels of the other side, then you must be re-born very quickly.  You will be born as someone else, but must face all of the same struggles and challenges in your new life that you tried to escape from your last time around.

So you see, when I say, suicide is NEVER the truly isn't, you will just be re-born and have to deal with the same problems and issues all over again until you get it right.  There is a little more that occurs during the "in between" period- that is, after you commit suicide but before you come back, but I'm not going to get into that in this blog. 

The same holds true for murderers, rapists, etc...  They are also held accountable for what they have done in life.  They immediately go to a lower level.  They have to go through intense training and counseling, a reformation of sorts.

The biggest thing I have learned is that what I thought I knew about redemption of sins, is simply not true.  When you die, all your sins are not simply forgiven because you asked for them to be, also, while you are held accountable for what you do in this life, there is no Satan and there is no Hell (at least not the way most of us have been taught).

It may seem like being born and having to do the same life over again as a different person isn't much punishment- but please remember, our souls do not want to be born- we don't want to come to this life any sooner than we have to- so in a way, it is like a punishment.

To sum it up, I haven't even started to explain all of the dynamics involved with death and suicide, Heaven and Hell, or Good & Evil.  If you take only one thing away from this blog post, I hope you'll understand that suicide is NEVER the answer and Karma is very real!

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